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🌷Short poetry about love❤️

 Best short poetry about love in English. Love Quotes and sayings about true love. What is the true love ? 

Short poetry about love

Loyalty is Royalty. The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way. Real friends stay faithful. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot in someones life. Never force someone to make a space in their life for you, because if they truly care about you, they will create one for you.🌷☘️

☘️🌷“Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.”🌹❤️

Short poetry about love

❤️When a woman decides to leave a relationship she doesn’t move out in an instant… there will always have been warning signs that showed she was falling out of love…

☘️Best saying about love ❤️

🌷☘️ A woman will no longer find a man attractive if he no longer takes pride in his own appearance… She doesn’t expect him to stay young forever – but if he no longer puts effort into attracting her, she will no longer be attracted to him and when that happens – she stops putting efforts into the relationship to make it work… So pay attention to the warning signs because when she stops fussing about what’s going on in her man’s life…🌷🌹

🌹🌷 when she doesn’t like to communicate much and all her answers are limited to just “YES or NO”… when she stops appreciating him for his efforts and doesn’t seem to care about what he does anymore… when she stops caring and doing things for him – that is when a woman stops loving a man. All her desire to treat him like he’s somebody special simply dies… And before you know it she’ll start doing things with no care for the consequences and without considering his happiness anymore… and that is when she’ll walk away……!!🌹🌷☘️

☘️🌿Short sad poems ☘️🌿

🌷🌿Thanks to those who hurt me, you made me a stronger person. Thanks to those who loved me, you made my heart bigger. Thanks to those who cared, you made me feel important. Thanks to those who worried, you let me know that you care. Thanks to those who left, you showed me that not everything is forever. Thanks to those who stayed, you showed me the meaning of true friends. Thanks to those who entered my life, you helped me become the person I am today.☘️🌿

I would not consider myself the jealous type – but I don’t ever want to share you with anyone. You are friends with so many women, and w❤️henever you talk to them I have to admit I feel jealous and a little insecure… not because I don’t trust you… but because I don’t trust them. You are so sweet, gentle and attractive, every woman wants you! You are so friendly and open and most importantly…🌲

🌷🌿 you have that charisma of attracting people… Everyone enjoys talking to you about anything and everything for hours on end and never get bored with you because you’re so interesting and witty. I know I don’t spend all day every day with you but you are always with me every waking moment. Even when I am away from you, I feel you beside me…🌹🌷

🌹🌷 Short poems about love and life.❤️

🌷🌿 I never feel lonely, even when you are not there and I talk things through with you within myself… I know you have no feelings for anyone except me… but can’t you be friends with just me?? I feel friendship is the first step of a relationship and I worry that if you talk to someone for hours, feelings may start developing. And that’s the only thing that scares me….you are so precious to me… I don’t want to lose you …EVER!!


I realized how much I need you in my life only after you left me
My heart felt the deepest pain when you were gone❤️

I always feared the day when I had to live without you
My life has become a nightmare since that came true

My days and nights were happy when you were mine
Now my life without you is like a day without sunshine🌿

I miss your presence next to me and those amazing fun filled days
I miss your cuddles, your hugs, your kisses and all your loving ways🌷🌿

I feel so lonely and my heart is filled with sadness and agony
Sometimes I wonder why fate had to take you away from me

The only thing t🌺hat gives me peace and doesn’t allow me to cry
Is that we share the same moon and we are under the same sky💔

I wonder what happened between us and what made us part
But no matter where you are , You will always remain in my heart❤️.

🌿Short poetry about love and relationship🌿

🌿🌺Love is not just saying those three little words “I LOVE YOU”… It is so much more than that. So don’t get sad or disheartened when he doesn’t bring you flowers or say these words very often… Don’t think he doesn’t love you – because he does. 🌲🌹

Short poetry about love

🌷☘️Trust that he loves you because he calls you often just to talk to you… just to know where you are, how you are and what you are doing… When he asks you what you did during the day without him, what you ate and where you went – that is really him telling you that he loves you. Love is when he kisses your forehead after you’ve fallen asleep or it is in the cup of coffee he makes you in the morning whilst he reads you all the important news…🌹🌺

☘️🌿 Love is when he wants to cook you your favorite breakfast or picks up your favorite chocolate on the way home from work. He loves you because he never forgets what you like to eat and wear, or where you always dreamed to go just so he can try his best to make those dreams come true.☘️

🌿🌷 Love is when he asks you to take care of yourself whenever he goes out… Love is not just saying I LOVE YOU – it is in everything that shows his concern, his loyalty and his trust in you… Love is when he proudly holds your hand in a crowded place because he could not stand to lose you – even for a single moment… THE TRUE DEPTH OF HIS LOVE LIES IN REMEMBERING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU… because to him… everything is about you!!…..🌿☘️

☘️🌿Short poetry about love Tagalog 🌹

🌺When I met you I never expected to come across someone so amazing, so awe inspiring and someone so charming who could turn my life around. I could never even dream of someone like you to become my everything and more than I could have ever dreamed of.. Before I met you I did not know what I was looking for in a life partner. 🌲🌹

I had no clue as to what I wanted from but after met you I realized that it was you I wanted. I wanted your kind of maturity, your kind of intellect, your kind of clarity, your kind of strength of character and your kind of dedication from my life partner.🌹


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☘️🌿 It was your kind of passion, your kind of madness, your kind of conviction and your kind of honesty from the love of my life. After you came in my life I realized that how peaceful it is to be in the arms of the man who treats your heart as he treats his own heart and who can set your soul free with his love and dedication for you. Now that I have you in my life, I will never let you go. I will keep you close to me like my most precious treasure…Aarti Khurana.🌲🌷☘️

🌿☘️ Short poetry about love and loyalty 🌲

The times when we shout at people around us for no reason is because somewhere inside we are sad or hurt and cannot find a way to express it… But we have no right to upset someone else. 🌹

🌿🌲If we are sad its nothing to do with them so why are we punishing them? Whenever we find ourselves shouting at or fighting with our loved ones when they haven’t done anything wrong, we must stop and remind ourselves that they are with us because they love us… 🌷

🌿☘️Their love is a blessing and we must learn not to take it for granted and treat them badly… because if we don’t stop and realize this… If we keep fighting with every person who tries to come near us – no one will ever stay…🌹🌿

 because no one wants to be hurt or taken for granted when they don’t deserve it… So we can’t take our frustrations out on them and keep hurting them like that. No matter how patient and loving they are – not everyone stays forever, and every person has a tolerance level and we should never make anyone reach theirs. Every person wants to be loved… and if we want to be loved and supported by our loved ones, we must not take them for granted and should treat them with the love and respect they deserve. 🌹


Short poetry about love in urdu

☘️🌿There comes a time in life when no matter how much we have achieve in life, no matter how successful we have become and no matter how famous we are , in the end of it all we want is unconditional, undivided and true love from someone who just belongs to you.🌺


🌿🌷 Each one of us has this deep rooted desire for someone who can truly understand our silly stories and out of the blue kind of conversations. Someone with whom we can share our secrets without the fear of being judged and without of the fear of being taken for granted. We all need that special someone who can accept us with our shortcomings and our flaws. 🌹

☘️🌿We need a sense of belonging to someone whom we can trust to the core. All said and done in the end of it all we need a love that touches the faintest chords of our heart. ❤️

☘️🌿We all desire a love that is deeper than our skin and a love that can make an eternal home into the folds of our soul because sometimes even when we are surrounded by crowds and crowds of people we always keep looking for that one face which can brighten our life and we keep trying to feel that one hand which we can hold forever. 🌿

🌿🌹Short poetry quotes about love 🌺

🌺🌹We all need someone who is soulfully, emotionally and eternally connected to our heart and soul. If you have someone like that in your life , never let them go. Love, cherish and treasure them…Aarti Khurana🌲☘️

🌲🌿Before you came into my life I’d had so many bad experiences in life and love… I’d had my heart broken so many times that it felt like whoever I loved would always leave me in darkness…🌲🌺

🌿☘️ I felt lonely and broken… like I couldn’t possibly love or trust again. So I started running away from relationships… I started living in my own shell, never allowing anyone near me... But then one day you came into my life and you banged so hard on the walls 🌺🌹


☘️🌿Short spoken poetry about love

☘️🌿I had built around my heart that they crashed down and you entered inside and found a corner for yourself… But because of the fear I had from all the pain I had endured, I couldn’t allow myself to accept you as a part of my life… I wouldn’t allow you to get too close… But slowly you started capturing my heart… and as much as that soothes me – it also frightens me… ☘️🌿

🌺🌿I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU NOW… After all I did to try and keep you away, your love melted all the ice and crashed through my walls and allowed you to capture my heart…🌿🌹

Short poetry about love

☘️🌿 I will never be the same person again – you are the one person who never asked for anything but gave me everything I ever desired or dreamed of… Not a day goes by when you aren’t there for me… ❤️

🌲☘️🌹You were the one I always wanted to be with and now I know that you are the only one I was made for… Forgive me for taking so long to accept your love… but the truth is I was so afraid of losing you. I never said it on your face because I couldn’t… and I’m sorry that I never showed my love for you even though it was there…

🌹 But now the day has come for me to surrender my defenses completely and accept your love for what it is… Your love has truly won my heart and taken over my soul……!Neena Gupta.🌺🌹

☘️🌺Short poems about love and pain 🌿

🌹🌹🌿My life was already messed up when I met you but you made it more miserable by breaking my heart .The most painful thing in my life is that I loved you with all my honestly and conviction and I got cheated by you. The last thing I ever wanted in my life was a man playing Russian Roulette with my heart.🌷

🌹☘️ I always feared falling in love and I always feared the thought of sharing my heart with anyone but I trusted you. I don’t know why but I felt that you would never shatter my dreams. I wanted to give love another chance. 🌹🌷

☘️🌷But as luck would have it I got back more pain from you than I had ever imagined. All I wanted from you was your honesty, transparency and truthfulness. All I wanted was a closure from the pain I was suffering. . 


🌿🌷I was craving for emotional faithfulness from you but you never cared for my emotions. I can endure pain that I get from a lot of other messed up things in my life but I can’t fathom a love that is disloyal or dishonest.🌺

🌹🌺 I wanted you to show some empathy for my sentiments and respect my feelings. Now I have to move out of this painful bond and gather my emotional courage to start my life all over again. Maybe I will forgive you but can never forget that you left me broken hearted for ever. .. 🌺🌹

☘️🌷Short poetry about first love🌺

☘️🌿To can play this game 

I still remember the day I first met you… you were so wonderfully soft and charming… The way you looked at me simply mesmerized me. You were so sweet back then…so caring and loving.🌹

🌿🌺 But as the time passed by you started showing your true colors… You weren’t someone special and different – you were exactly the same as everyone else I’d ever met, the only difference was you wore a mask which I was unable to see through at first… But now I’m starting to see through your over sweetness and I’m realizing that the way you parent me is actually more controlling than caring. 🌹

🌿☘️Loving me and spending time with me was all just a part of a game that you have mastered from many years of practice with other relationships… With you, it’s all for fun… You never seem to realize that love is something sacred and that playing with hearts is a dangerous game that you will eventually pay for. 🌷🌹

🌿☘️When you break a heart, it never screams… but the pain you cause is very real and I am saddened to think of all the hearts you’ve broken and shattered throughout your life. But now that I see through your lies to the real you, I will teach you that I too can play these games… 

🌹🌷I am not sad for myself or brokenhearted from learning the truth about who you really are… I’m actually happy because you have taught me a valuable lesson I would have never learned if I’d never met you….🌹🌿

🌿🌷☘️ Now I will give back to you everything you gave me… multiplied… be it lies, tears or cheating. I will teach you the lessons no one has ever dared to teach you before… I will be the one to make you repent for everything you have ever done wrong… I won’t leave you… and I won’t forgive you for playing with my feelings or anyone else’s heart for that matter… 

☘️🌷🌿you will have to pay for your every sin… Because I know in my heart that this is what GOD wants for you… and that He has chosen me to be the one to finally show you the error of your ways…..! 

🌿🌷☘️I will Treasure you till my last breath❤️

The day my path crossed with yours, my never ending search for my soul mate came to an end. My heart finally led me to your heart and my soul recognized your soul. Now I can tell the entire universe that finally I have found my eternal lover❤️

☘️🌿. I can tell everyone that I have finally met the man of my life and that I will give him all the love that is buried deep in my heart and soul since time unknown. When I met you I started seeing the world in a whole new light and I started believing in miracles. 🌲

🌲Famous short love poems🌿🌹

☘️🌿🌹All the scattered pieces of the puzzle of my life fell in place and I started cherishing the thought of having someone with whom I can share an entire lifetime of love, passion and intimacy. Your love healed my pain and gave me the peace and tranquility I was seeking. I promise to hold you close to my heart and I promise I will never let you go. I will love you in every possible sense and in every possible way I can. I will cherish you to the core and treasure you till my last breath. ❤️🌺


Now that we are no longer together and you have separated yourself from me and my life completely… don’t think for a moment that I will break down or keep crying for you the way I did… I know in my heart that I did everything to keep our relationship going…

🌿🌺 I gave you everything you ever needed or asked for – but you never respected my feelings or the time and energy I put in… You always took me for granted. It hurts a little now to think that I invested such a large part of my time and energy into you… that it’s a part of my life that I will never get back… ❤️🌹

🌿🌺but despite that, I have no regrets as I know I loved you truly and wholeheartedly… Perhaps we were never meant to be or maybe I made a wrong choice and I’m now suffered for it because now that you have finally left me, there are things that I miss and I know will remain a part of my memory forever… Like the nights I spent in your arms listening to your heartbeat… or the nights we spent holding hands on the beach, walking and talking non-stop… ❤️🌹

🌺🌿Every memory I have with you will remain there in my heart forever… I will keep the happy memories of us with me for the rest of my life so that should we ever we meet again, we could at least face each other and greet one another in a friendly manner… I don’t want to torture myself anymore… but memories last forever… and it is only the good ones I choose to keep with me…


H🌲ave confidence in yourself🌿❤️

Be confiden🌲t in what you do… don’t lo🌹ok to others for constant approval. You don’t need approval from anyone, you either get it right or you don’t. Mistakes are a part of life… 

🌿🌺God never made anyone perfect so if you’re the type of person who constantly rethinks your decisions because you’re frightened someone else won’t approve – it’s time to grow your self-confidence. Someone else’s problem with the decisions you make is just that – someone else’s problem! Be yourself…🌿

🌺🌿 be true to what you want… justify your decisions to others if you must but don’t let their opinions be the basis for your decisions. Once you gain the confidence in yourself to make your own decisions, others will gain confidence in you too. Remember, you are worthy of doing things on your own…🌿🌲

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