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❤️ I love you quotes to her 🌹

 Love quote has always been liked by lovers. Even in the era of social media, everybody loves to read Love Poetry. If you are looking for I love you quotes to her to express your emotions with your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife or Husband. We have a great collection of quotes on Love with beautiful images. Just read our entire collection one by one and feel the deep romantic feelings of quotes about true love.

🌹I saw my love in your eyes.

I saw the world in your eyes.


I love you quotes to her

☘️Your slaves are resplendent.

This lover is ready to love you.🌷

🌷Don’t know why you smile when you see me.

Don’t know why you shoot arrows with full eyes.🌿

🌿The spring blooms in the flower garden.

I am very happy today, to get your heart.🌿🌷

I🌿t takes a lot to see mascara in my eyes, in my hair.

I have been supportive in my heart, you are mine, Mehboob.🌿

☘️Best I love you quotes to her🌹🌿

🌿Your earrings I like the moon stars.

I love your beauty face.🌿

🌷Chaal teri mastani hai roop teri suhani hai.

Tell me the truth, my dear, you are crazy in my eyes.🌿

🌷Tere Mere Pyaar Ka Rage is in the entire township today.

Whatever you do in the world, you are in fun.❤️

🌿I love you quotes to make her cry ☘️

Why do you stay away from the shadow of love?

When you don’t come, I am restless.

I love you quotes to her

Your body is your body, your sister is a trick.

Oh dear, you do amazing without drinking.

☘️We have seen your love with my eyes.

Your heart wants to have thousands and not millions.☘️

🌿I love you quotes to make melt

I say reality, I have lived many lives with you.

How can I say O arrow, arrow is in my heart.

On the pictures of the heart, I write a pen of love.

How can I say O arrow to your heart.

🌿 I love you quotes to make her feel special

If you get angry even a thousand times, I will convince you

But look, there is no other person involved in love

I love you quotes to her

Luck is taking my test

It hurts me

I never take it away from my heart

Then why is she accusing you of infidelity

Mare To Lakhon Hongey Tujhpar

Main To Tere Saath Jeena Chhaahta Hun

If you die then millions will be on you

I want to live with you.

☘️🌿I love you quotes to cheer her up 🌷☘️

The wind giver has come back

Heart breaker is coming back to heart

Begone among loved ones

Moments of love have become unconscious

Where the flowers used to bloom

Are deserted there today.

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Both of us had a feeling of love

The only difference was that he did it and I did it

Breathing stops

Luck is also hurting us

Our steps towards death

Love is also leaving us.

🌿I miss you love quotes to her ☘️

There should be a river on the sea and not right

There must be life in your city

Look through the eyes, I am inhabited

Look at the heart, I am ruined

Every moment of life was filled with pain

Then how can I say we are free.

I love you quotes to her

True love never ends

Becomes silent over time

Need your support in the journey of life

All you need is your feet

Will face every trouble with a laugh

Just Thakur ji needs a hint from you.

Love is not what it takes to achieve

Love is the one who gives his desires for his happiness

🌿I love you quotes for him to her 💐

Everyone knows by the name of Aashiq

We became so infamous in the hall

Whenever I miss you, unrelenting

Toh we drink in pain scale.

People always misunderstand true love

While people are happy with those who pass time, these days

Glass is breaking very much on glass

Khushi’s cups are filling with pain

Hearts are burning like torches

Like meeting bad luck in life.

It is not necessary to get help only through love in love

It is also a pleasure to make someone feel wholehearted

Your name comes on the drunken as well

My feet stagger while walking

Pain arises in my heart

Stains on her face.

🌿I love you so much quotes for her ☘️

True love is like a ghost

Everyone has seen things, no one has seen

Don’t ask that i can’t forget you

I can not burn the pages of your memories

The struggle is to kill oneself

And can’t make you cry for the sake of your peace.

Nazre Karam Mujh Par Itna Na Kar,

Ki Teri Mohabbat Ke Liye Baagi Ho Jaaun,

Mujhe Itna Na Pila Ishq-e-Jaam Ki,

Main Ishq Ke Jahar Ka Aadi Ho Jaaun.

Do not do so much to me, Nazare

Let’s rebel for your love,

I did not drink this much Ishq-e-Jam,

May I become a victim of love poison.

Usne Mohabbat, Mohabbat Se Jyada Ki Thi,

Humne Mohabbat Usse Bhi Jyada Ki Thi,

Ab Wo Kise Kahenge Mohabbat Ki Intehaan,

Humne Shuruat Hi #Intehaan Se Jyada Ki Thi.

🌷I love you quotes to her from the heart. ❤️

He did more than love, love,

We loved it more than that,

Now who will they say is in love here?

We had started more than #Inthen.

Use Kah Do Wo Mera Hai Kisi Aur Ka Ho Nahin Sakta,

Bahut Nayab Hai Mere Liye Wo Koi Aur Us Jaisa Ho Nahin Sakta,

Tumhare Saath Jo Guzare Wo Mausam Yaad Aate Hain,

Tumhare Baad Koi Mausam Suhana Ho Nahin Sakta.

Tell him that he is mine, he cannot belong to anyone else.

It is very unique to me that no one else can be like that,

 ☘️ Love quotes in English 🌿

I miss the seasons that passed with you,

No weather can be pleasant after you.

Muqammal Na Sahi Adhoora Hi Rahne Do,

Ye Ishq Hai Koi Maqsad Toh Nahi Hai.

Let alone be incomplete, not complete

This is love, there is no aim.

Wajah Nafraton Ki Talaashi Jaati Hai,

Mohabbat Toh Bin Wajah Hi Ho Jaati Hai.

The reason is the search of haters,

Love is just a reason.

Guftgoo Band Na Ho Baat Se Baat Chale,

Bajron Mein Raho Qaid Dil Se Dil Mile.

☘️Will love you quotes🌷

Don’t stop the conversation, talk to the conversation,

Stay in the eye, get imprisoned heart to heart.

Hai Ishq Ki Manzil Mein Haal Ke Jaise,

Lut Jaye Kahin Raah Mein Saman Kisi Ka.

Like in Ishq’s destination,

Somewhere the goods will be lost in the way.

No one gets dearer than love in life

No one gets dearer than love in life

Take care of what you have,

Because once lost love is not found again.

It’s so comforting when we talk to them,

That’s one night in a thousand nights,

When they look up and look at me,

Then that moment is the whole world for me.

🌿 I love you quotes to her deep ❤️

🌷There was a fire in the heart when he was angry,

Realized when they parted,

By doing so he could not give us anything,

But he gave a lot when he became webfa.🌿

I love you quotes to her

🌿Somebody gets angry at someone,

A stranger’s face becomes a friend,

Love is not always due to merits,

Sometimes one falls in love with one’s shortcomings.


☘️Can’t tell the condition of the heart

We do not know how to torment anyone like this,

We want to hear his voice,

But we don’t have an excuse to talk.🌿

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