Life is like a railway station And love is a train that comes and goes But friend is the inquiry counter who always says May I help you

Have to pray to God, No one should be found except your friendship. Found friends like you in every birth, Or never get life.

A friend should be like a mirror and a shadow, Because the mirror never lies And the shadow never leaves you.

Friendship is not that which kills, Friendship is not even that which gives smile, The real friendship is that One who recognizes even your tear dropped in water.

Friendship is never done by seeing special people Only those people who become friend there they become special for you!!

People ask why are you happy even with so much sorrow I also smiled and said that the world should not support me but I am with you !!

Our luck is also very special. That's why we have a friend like you.

friends in friendship, friend's god, It is felt when it is separated.

it's hard to find a true friend I myself am surprised how did you guys find me !!

Friendship is more dangerous than enmity that leads you on the wrong path.